mineral (plural minerals)

  1. (geology) any naturally occuring inorganic material that has a (more or less) definite chemical composition and characteristic physical properties
  2. any inorganic material (as distinguished from animal or vegetable)
  3. any inorganic element that is essential to nutrition; a dietary mineral
  4. (UK) mineral water

7 letters in word "mineral": A E I L M N R.

Anagrams of mineral:

Words found within mineral:

ae ai ail aim aimer ain aine air airmen airn al ale alien aline aliner alme almner am amen ami amie amin amine amir an ane ani anil anile anime ar are ariel aril arle arm armil ea ean ear earl earn el elain elan elm em email emir en enarm er era ern ilea in inarm inerm ire la laer lain lair lam lame lamer lane lar lare lari larine larn lea leam lean lear learn lei leir leman li liane liar lie lien lier lima liman lime limen limn limner lin line linear liner lira lire ma mae mail maile mailer main mainer mair maire mal male mali maline man mane mani mar mare marine marl marle marlin me meal mean mein mel mela men menial meri meril merl merlin mi mien mil mile miler mina minae minar mine miner mir mire mna na nae nail nailer nam name namer nare ne neal near nema neral nie nil nim nirl rai rail raile rain raine rale ram ramen rami ramie ramin ran rani re real realm ream rean rei rein rem remail remain reman ren renail renal ria rial riel riem rile rim rima rimae rime rin rine

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